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I have three small children, and I couldn't wear my ring for years because it scratched them, plus all the daily chores, and the fluctuating weight from kids, hormones, etc. Even now I have eczema on my hands from the dry winter weather, and my knuckles crack, making it hard to wear anything but my Enso Ring. I love these rings. I get so many compliments, too, and the warranty is phenomenal. You all are awesome. Keep it up!

- Katie B.

I ordered Unicorn and Mermaid in the thin version but they're also SO comfortable. I forget I'm wearing them 80% of the time, and the other 20% is because I'm looking cause they're so pretty. My body ts to swell up quite frequently, but with these I don't notice a thing! I am not ashamed when I say I had to buy more the very same day I tried these first two on.

- Ruth E.

I want to thank you for being so kind. Good customer service these days is very rare. When I saw this silicone ring I knew it was the perfect choice for my husband to be able to wear it and not have to continually remove it every other day between dialysis days. He has not been able to wear a wedding ring in the longest time. You have absolutely no idea how much this means to me and as a gift to him he will be ecstatic.

- Rosemary P.

Military, craftsman, first responders, or someone dealing with health issues, check these guys out. They produce the best silicone rings that look and feel like rings and not rubber bands. I now have a wedding band again and can wear it even though I am still doing chemo. Feels really good.

- Tim B.

While scrolling through Instagram an Enso ad came up showing a ring that had the same unique design as the collar of our dog who passed away. I went to the site but they were sold out. I took a chance and emailed the support team with a little story and a picture of Dexter in the collar. They emailed me back and were able to work some magic and found them. We are so grateful to have these rings as a reminder of how lucky we all were to have Dexter. Enso even sent a sympathy card signed by many of their employees. I’m still overwhelmed with the kindness and compassion that Sasha and Enso Rings has given us.

- Thomas Y.