Society for Research & Information

Society for Research & Information (SRI) is one of the premier research societies in the state, for scholars is dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management, information science and organizations. It strives to promote cross-disciplinary practice of management, research activities, scholarly cooperation. Over two decades a formidable expertise, has been built up for undertaking research related to management in various frontiers.

SRI is dedicated to

Professional development of researchers & administrators

Promotion of scholarly research

Enhancement of the research co-operation

It aims to fulfill its mission through

Exchange of information among researchers at all levels

Development of and promotion of professional standards

Improvement of the interface between research and its commercialization

The member of SRI

Members of SRI are scholars at B-Schools, universities and research institutions as well as practitioners from business, government and not-for-profit organizations.


Regular research and development work is conducted in the field of Information Technology and Management. Managerial consultancy is provided to different business organizations.