RIMS Classrooms:

The classrooms at RIMS provide the ideal environment needed for learning. The academic block of the institute has eight large classrooms with a capacity of 90, six rooms with a capacity of 60 and four rooms with a capacity of 45, a multimedia hall, and training halls. Separate classrooms are assigned for all the streams of Management, Computer Applications and Mass Communication. The classrooms are spacious, well-lighted, ventilated and well air-conditioned. All the classrooms are well equipped with audio-video systems, overhead projectors, wireless public address systems, computers with large monitors and network connection. Major classrooms are equipped with PCs, Large Monitors and LCD projectors for displaying information.

RIMS students work and live in a wired environment. The institute's facilities include wired classroom conferencing and high-speed data communication networks. The classrooms are equipped with the most contemporary teaching facilities, which make learning a complete experience. The classrooms are designed to provide maximum interaction between the faculty and the students.

Salient Features of RIMS Classrooms:

• Classrooms are well equipped to deliver the effective teaching methodology.
• Five classrooms are air-conditioned.
• Audio-video facilities are provided in each classroom.
• High-speed internet connectivity.